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Is it Time to Renovate Your Bathroom? – Allow Remodeling Experts to Help Out


Depending on the original fixtures and features installed in a home, a bathroom can begin to look outdated within a decade or two of its construction or last renovation. One of the best ways to update the look and functionality of this important room is to get in touch with a Medford Remodeling Contractor to assist in completing the renovation project. Visit BB Construction Medford.

The Scope of the Project

Before you start with a home improvement project in any room, it is essential to determine what the scope of the project is. A somewhat affordable remodel for a master or secondary bathroom may include updating the flooring and fixtures. More expensive projects involve tearing down walls, moving plumbing features like a shower to a new location and more. Whereas a higher-end project may also use upgraded materials and luxurious features. The scope of a project will be based on the overall functionality of the current space, the desires of the homeowner and the available budget.

The Budget

One important factor to consider when planning for bathroom remodeling is your budget. For most of these projects, a large portion of your expenses may be recouped in the form of increased home value. However, there are limitations to this. For example, if ultra-high-end features are installed in a neighborhood with small starter homes, the full cost will likely not be recouped in the form of equity. When a homeowner is planning a budget, they should take time to consider which features and what overall quality is standard for the local community. Looking at home sales listings in the area can be insightful.

When to Get Help

Some homeowners will take a do-it-yourself approach to upgrade and remodeling. Depending on the overall experience and skills of the homeowner coupled with the work that needs to be done in the home, some will benefit from contracting professional Remodelers for assistance with their project.

Keep in mind that the overall quality of the work will have a direct impact on the finished result. Many homeowners will benefit from contracting help for their project, but all should consider getting assistance with portions of their plan that involve electrical wiring, moving plumbing features and other related tasks.

Ultimately, the result of your efforts could serve to increase the home’s value and improve the overall look and function of the space for the homeowner. Completing all stages of the project can be challenging, but many homeowners will find that a redesign of their area, whether it is the kitchen or bathroom is highly rewarding and beneficial.

How Do You Know Its Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

The time will come when you take a long hard look at your bathroom and realize it desperately needs to be renovated. What may prevent you from actually doing it is the costs associated with getting it done. However, there are a couple of telltale signs that you need to put your fears aside and search for an affordable Oregon bathroom renovation contractor.

If you find any of the following signs, then you are in need of fixing up your bathroom:

  • Being unhappy – You walk in the bathroom every morning and groan about the way the bathtub looks or the permanent stains in the shower area. At this point, you may think it possible to make just a few alterations to get your bathroom in a functioning condition once again. Luckily, you can make as little or as many changes as you like with regards to bathroom remodeling in Medford.
  • Safety concerns – You may have noticed a few loose bathroom floor tiles, or even mold on the walls. The grout started flaking out from in-between the tiles. Therefore, you are concerned about the safety of your family vital and are thinking it is time to get your bathroom renovated. Not only will it make look more aesthetically pleasing, but a renovation will ensure everyone using the bathroom are safe.
  • About to move house – It could be that you are in the process of moving house. A bathroom renovation won’t be a bad idea as it will give you the edge you need to increase the overall value of your home. You should only consider this is your bathroom is outdated, poorly designed, or not looking good.
  • Old Design – If your bathroom dates back to the 80’s or 90’s, chances are that it will be pretty outdated compared to more modern ones. Even if nothing is wrong with the actual functionality of your the room, updating your bathroom decor and accessories will add spark and give it a brand new look that your visitors will appreciate too.
  • Growing family – What if there is a baby on the way? It might be all you need to make time renovating your existing bathroom or even design a brand new one. After all, family and children will love a bigger bathtub, and teenagers might want to change the way the shower looks.

The points mentioned above are just some of the signs that it is time to think of renovating your bathroom.